Allmax Isonatural 5 Lbs Unflavoured

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Allmax Nutrition IsoNatural Whey Protein is a pure Whey Protein that contains no artificial flavoring, sugar or other colors added that comprises a top quality protein supplement for advanced athletes and those looking to enhance their diet.

IsoNatural is also fortified with NutraFlora, a unique patented Prebiotic ingredient that enhances calcium absorption while supporting a healthy immune and digestive system.

This pure and natural formula has also been fortified with two synergistic complementary complexes; Grape Seed Extract and Acerola Cherry Extract.

These two protective antioxidant complexes provide protection against cell-damaging free radicals, while providing 15% of the body’s vitamin C requirements.


  • Supports Lean Muscle Growth
  • Increases Muscle Strength and Size
  • Promotes Enhanced Performance
  • Supports Healthy Digestion and Absorption