Allmax L Glutamine 400g

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What Glutamine Powder Can Do For You?

Glutamine has recently been the focus of much scientific interest. A growing body of evidence suggests that during certain stressful times, the body may require more Glutamine than it can produce.

Under these circumstances, Glutamine may be considered a "conditionally essential" amino acid.

Glutamine is involved in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance (an anabolic state) and also aids rapidly growing cells (immune system lymphocytes, intestinal cell enter).


  • PURE JAPANESE GRADE GLUTAMINE: This Japanese Grade Glutamine is manufactured with the purest raw ingredients (which are not chemically heated or treated) at a Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing facility
  • GLUTASURETM technology: ALLMAX uses this proprietary hyper-particulation process to minimize the particle size of the glutamine, creating a clean, white and extremely fine powder
  • ALLMAX GLUTAMINE HAS MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Minimizes muscle breakdown, speed Post-Workout Recovery after intense training, creating new muscle tissues, Boost immune function

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