arginine hcl

AllMax Nutrition Arginine HCL 100g

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Breaking news: High level research (University) has recently confirmed that Arginine can indeed perform as a precursor to Creatine production in the human body. To this end, Arginine can be harnassed as a powerful boost to muscle growth. Not limited to supporting Creatine, Arginine also increases growth hormone levels. How? Arginine naturally supports vasodilation (relate this to nitric oxide and 'the pump'). Better oxygen utilization means better nitric oxide release and more growth hormone production. We skipped right past the basics of Arginine, so let's take a quick look at that. Arginine, one of the amino acids, is semi-essential. Your body naturally produces it, but often in insignificant amounts. While some foods do provide it, again, that's not always adequate. That's where Allmax Nutrition Arginine comes in to provide you with enough to become a stronger, bigger, and better athlete.

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